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Privately owned and operated in New Jersey, Trinity Concrete Solutions is a solid team of epoxy contractors worth knowing about. We provide a wide range of epoxy flooring options. Our team’s ultimate goal is to provide commercial and residential clients with high-quality epoxy coating solutions and exceptional customer experiences when it comes to epoxy flooring installation projects. We made do with what we had, then gradually upgraded as we took on more complex jobs. Now, many years later, we have the resources, expertise, and manpower to successfully install epoxy and concrete on any sized project. When you choose our team of skilled contractors in Cherry Hill, you can rely on quality, creativity, and expertise at a price that won’t break the bank. We only use what we consider to be the highest-quality materials and always use the sharpest machinery available. Add to that our exceptional dedication to our clients, and it’s easy to see how we’ve been able to steadily increase our clientele year after year. Our team’s continuous success may be attributed to our commitment to effective communication, competence, reliability, and outstanding workmanship. These values are a source of pride for us, and we hope you’ll notice them when you collaborate with our expert contractors. Working with us is beneficial since we constantly look for the best materials to use in your epoxy flooring job. As far as the longevity and aesthetics of a floor are concerned, we think this is crucial. When it comes to planning and setup, we hold ourselves to higher standards than our competitors.

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Our Reliable And Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Contractor

Our team of reliable and professional epoxy flooring contractors is the only one to call if you are a homeowner interested in transforming your garage floor. If you want something that can be rolled on, then our water-based epoxy flooring installation services are the way to go. Or, if you want something stronger and that dries faster, we highly recommend our range of 100% solid epoxy flooring solutions. With floor flakes and tint, you can make your floor appear amazing while making it durable enough to resist high foot and vehicle traffic, moving heavy furniture, and even rain. Trinity Concrete Solutions has extensive experience working with a wide variety of concrete surfaces and epoxy flooring solutions. Our many years of expertise in solving a plethora of residential and commercial flooring issues have contributed to the creation of cutting-edge epoxy methods that are simple to apply, cure rapidly, and provide lasting protection for your floors. As our items span a wide range of categories, we are confident that you will find something that suits your needs. Our premium epoxy solutions provide skid and slip resistance, and they are also resistant to chemical spills and water, helping to make us a top provider of residential concrete and epoxy flooring in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The solutions we deliver with our high-quality epoxy are long-lasting and simple to maintain. Our products are not only hygienic but also safe for the environment.

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Available Epoxy Flooring Services In Cherry Hill, NJ

Many variations of epoxy flooring are available. Trinity Concrete Solutions provides every single one. Self-leveling floors are a popular option for high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms because of their ability to provide a smooth, level surface. They work best atop preexisting concrete slabs that have already been damaged. This solution shines in busy environments like factories. It has exceptional strength and longevity. Mortar epoxy flooring, the strongest choice available, is constructed of solid epoxies combined with graded or quartz sand. As a pre-epoxy repair method, they work well. Graveled floors, the hardest to lay down because of the epoxy’s complexity, provide excellent anti-slip capabilities. Brand logos, graphics, and other embellishments are fair game for their design. Epoxy terrazzo floors are mostly utilized for their aesthetic value and are installed in big rooms for that purpose. Anti-static epoxy floors are recommended for use in workplaces where the buildup of electrostatic charge poses a risk to employees. Flaked floors are favored for their visual appeal, as they incorporate colored flakes or chips into the mixture. There’s a wide range of colors to select from. Flakes can improve the floor’s traction by making the surface somewhat rougher. Learn more about our service in Trenton, NJ.
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Create A Variety of Colors For Your Epoxy Floor Coating

We know it might be difficult to narrow down the options for your epoxy floor’s color. Because epoxy may be mixed to create a broad variety of colors, this is possible. The color you choose for your garage floor may seem unimportant, but it can actually have a major effect on how your home looks. Also, the color you select will affect the required upkeep and cleaning methods. Selecting the wrong epoxy color might lead to a lot of upkeep problems down the road. It’s possible that commercial epoxy would be different from what you’d find in a garage or a home. To a large extent, the style and longevity of your garage floor will depend on your decisions. The mood of your home can be set with an epoxy coating like normal, metallic, or 3D. To draw less attention to other features in the room, a metallic finish is often used. The metallic surface increases the brightness of your garage by reflecting more light. Keep in mind the primary functions of your garage when making your color selection. If you want to turn your garage into a professional parking lot for your automobiles and other toys like bikes, you should install epoxy flooring in a color that will easily disguise tire marks and grease. Most people who own their own homes choose dark colors like slate or black. When choosing a paint color for your garage, another crucial element to think about is how well it will hide any filth and grime that may accumulate there. You should choose a darker color for the garage floor if you do not have the energy or time to clean it every day. A darker epoxy flooring solution is a popular option for homeowners because it doesn’t require as much upkeep.

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Trinity Concrete Solutions provides commercial, industrial, and residential concrete polishing for the New Jersey and New York area.  Our dedicated team of flooring technicians and maintenance men have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

 At TCS, we pride ourselves in the rapport we have established with our customers over the years. Being a consumer focused business, Trinity strives for satisfaction with our clients. Many companies come and go; TCS is a “Professional Choice”, we have been an established business for over 20 years.

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