We install decorative and industrial flooring systems the right way. Following all the proper concrete floor preparation standards and preemptive procedures for flooring systems that stand the test of time.  We are fully insured and licensed to do business in New Jersey and Philadelphia Tri-State Area

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Protecting the concrete in your large warehouse now; is key if you want to save money on concrete repair; later. We can install durable and functional warehouse flooring systems for your warehouse. The rate and type of traffic your floor experiences will be the deciding factor on choosing the right system. We have the experience and knowledge to shift you in the right warehouse epoxy floor for your budget and needs.

Different types of epoxy flooring systems commonly used in warehouses are polished concrete, epoxy flooring, double broadcast quartz, self leveling urethane slurry to name a few.

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Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is widely used in civic buildings, warehouse and box stores all over South Jersey and Philadelphia. Its minimalistic look combined with its ease of cleaning makes it the choice of floors for many establishments. Polished concrete is the cheapest floor to maintain for a business long term and very eco friendly. The concrete is cut, densified and polished to a fine reflective surface.

Polished concrete comes in a variety of shines usually a 100 grit satin, a 400 shine and 1500 super high shine. IT can also be combined with a variety of protecting finished including the standard penetrating guard and additional stain resistant finished.

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The perfect floor when you want to go above and beyond in changing the atmosphere of the room. Metallic epoxy is a high build resin filled with metallic mica pigments that create amazing swirling and marbled look that cannot be matched. Every single pour is unique and cannot be replicated. You will have a custom floor that if chosen can be the center of attention or created more subtle to look classic. 

Metallic epoxy floors are finished with a satin or high gloss finish and are extremely durable because of that. They are perfect for restaurants, man caves, garages,  office spaces and commercial spaces.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring in South Jersey and Philadelphia
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Self Leveling Concrete Flooring

Self leveled concrete floors are desirable in a range of situations. Usually they are installed when the sub-floor is in terrible shape and a new flatter floor is required. In many cases the customers want a concrete look but their existing concrete is so ugly that they require a new canvas. In that case we can install self leveled concrete and finish it by sealing it or polishing it. Other times the customer wants a flat floor to install carpet, vinyl or ceramic tile over it.

Whichever your need for a self leveled floor, we are experienced to install it correctly and most importantly flat. 


Resturant and Kitchen Flooring

Restaurant floors take a beating on a daily basis. You have concentrated areas of traffic such as the counters, chairs, and entrance areas that really put your floor to the test. In the kitchen areas you need to install a urethane slurry or epoxy flooring system that will withstand high heat wash and be slip resistant. 

Trinity Concrete will give you the best options to provide a durable, presentable and atmosphere transforming floor for your restaurant.


Surface Prep, Mastic and Tile Removal

Need to have your rental property or new floor prepped. Looking for ceramic, vinyl or wood removal? What about mastic removal or just need to have your floor ground back to fresh concrete. We provide a variety of surface prep and floor removal. Let Trinity Concrete Polishing assist you in the removal and disposal of your existing floor.

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Trinity Concrete Solutions provides commercial, industrial, and residential concrete polishing for the New Jersey and New York area.  Our dedicated team of flooring technicians and maintenance men have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

 At TCS, we pride ourselves in the rapport we have established with our customers over the years. Being a consumer focused business, Trinity strives for satisfaction with our clients. Many companies come and go; TCS is a “Professional Choice”, we have been an established business for over 20 years.

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